Fight Capital NFT is the exclusive NFT purveyor of top tier pro wrestling talent. The Alpha release of Fight Capital NFT in Q2 of 2022 are the first officially licensed NFTs for both rising stars, and bonafide legends, of pro wrestling. The genesis release is 10,000 collectible profile pictures of elite fighters, and pop-culture folk heroes, stylized as fighting game character select screen avatars. The profile pictures of these fighters are designed over tiered rarities. Each piece of art is representative of each wrestler’s real-world likenesses, and historically accurate to the year of their character’s release.

   The Fight Capital NFT brand is multi-dimensional, with partners experienced in every facet of the business of pro wrestling. Beyond wrestling, the Fight Capital NFT partners are pioneers in both brick & mortar and digital businesses. Our network of business associates enable the brand a vast matrix of influencer, athlete, and eSports partnerships. With these existing business platforms and relationships, Fight Capital NFT has the ability to offer unprecedented real-world value and utility to its holders.

   Beyond the digital collectability, aspire to provide a comprehensive community inside of a game experience. A community bolstered by the robust history of professional wrestling. Pro wrestling with its multi-generational backstory, has its’ own universe primed to be enhanced by blockchain technology. We believe adding the element of competition to this universe, via an eSports platform, will add another dimension to an already potent ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to create a platform where our fighters have earning potentials as digital characters, well beyond that of their prime physical years.